What's All This Then?

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What's All This Then?

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Thursday Edition

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Paul Shabroom

Paul Shambroom is a Minneapolis based photographer whose work is in the collections of most of the leading art institutions in the country. Primarily a documentarian, Shambroom's work "explores power in its various forms." His new series, featured here, Meetings documents small-town municipal meetings in stark and beautiful detail. The series is also collected in a new book from Chris Boot Publishing in London

"A common impulse in these projects is my quest as one individual to understand and illuminate seemingly overwhelming and abstract power systems. Although town council and community meetings are open to the public, the process of governance can still seem somewhat invisible and separate from the lives of ordinary people (as evidenced by the fact that most of the meetings I photograph are sparsely attended.)"

"This new work is a departure from my earlier series both in presentation and compositional approach. I begin with conventional photographic methods, but then digitally scan and manipulate the imagesí tonality, and sharpness. By utilizing conventions such as eye-level centered compositions, and panoramic formats I place this work squarely in the traditions of historical portrait genres."

During a string of Fridays we featured a single work from a photographer, with a link to his or her online portfolio and a few words.